GoingFishing: Tioti.com. I love it.

Damn, I love streaming media. The wonderful iPlayer opens up all that’s good and current from the BBC, but I’ve been and gone and found something even betterer. Oh yes.

Enter Tioti. That’s a site which lets you put in the names of TV shows you love, recommends shows you might like and lists the places where you can watch the episodes for free. What’s clever about Tioti is that it doesn’t try to add stuff which is already available someplace else; rather than provide a community, it links to Facebook; rather than host the shows itself, it links to elsewhere. I love these glue sites which aggregate content beautifully rather than continually try to re-invent the wheel.

So, in Tioti I can say that I love Heroes, Doctor Who, Ad Fab and all the rest, and it finds other stuff I might like. And I can watch it all (ok, almost all), when and how I want. Simple.

The main downsides to Tioti are that it’s quite a young site, so the less popular shows aren’t linked for streaming. That can be frustating if you see something you’d love to watch again, and it ain’t there. As it’s member-led though, if you do find a streaming source it’s easy to add the stream yourself, to the benefit of all. Also, the links to actually watch the stream is buried under the episode guide. Click through the episode, and it’s there. I’d rather “easy access to streaming media” as the numero uno priority for a site like this; those links should jump out at ya for your favourites, right on the front page.

Just like the rest of the ‘net, Tioti is in beta, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one over the next few months.

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