AnotherLookAtLijit: Lijit works, Yay!

While I’m in a reviewing frame of mind………

A while ago I looked at Lijit, a site which promises to act as an online search engine for all your content wherever it happens to be. I said then that while it had a jaw droppingly good signup and discovery process, the search facility didn’t work, at least for me.

Well, thanks to the time and effort put in by the extremely helpful and positive Tara Anderson (Community Catalyst for Lijit), I’m pleased to say that I was wrong.

Ok, I wasn’t wrong about the signup process; that’s awesome. I was wrong about it not working. A few tweaks here and there (and a huge dash of patience from Tara) and I can say with all confidence that Lijit rocks. I’ve tested it with Worpress, facebook, drupal as well as this wikiblog, and it’s returned results from everywhere, whether it’s a link from my delicious feed or a post I made back in 2004. Wonderful stuff, indeed.

What’s clever about this is that it opens the search box on your blog wide open. If folks visit your site and want to search, they can find what you’ve written, wherever you wrote it. If you have multiple sites, that’s a godsend as it pulls the information from those sites as well, which means more page hits for you. Which is nice.

Me? I’m just glad I got it working.

Many thanks, Tara :)

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