ServerDoingTheYoyoThang: Server down, server up, new blog. Simple, really.

Yes yes, I know this blog has been down over the weekend. Not just the blog too, but the entire darned server. It’s getting to be a bad habit that our server just ups and dies as soon as the weekend comes along. That’s not good, and I’m seriously considering moving over to another server in the near future. Which is a shame, because apart from the sporadic uptimes, epfarms provide a terrific service. Here’s hoping it’s fixed soon. The server that is, not the service.

But anyhow; when the server did wake up this morning, everything worked except my blog, still. That’s odd because it just requires a web-server and perl; there’s not a single database or php script in sight, and they’re usually the things to fail when Bad Stuff Happens. As you can see, it’s better now though.

Just in case this happens again, I’ve created a new blog over at (be nice, it’s a work-in-progess right now). That’s where I’m going to write blogstuff too in future, so please update your links accordingly. The wikiblog right here is going to become more wiki, and less blog, if you see what I mean. Exactly what’s going to go where is yet to be decided.

That’s the plan, anyhow!

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