Bacon Lettuce Tomato

No, not that kind of BLT, but this blt. Lower case, see?

blt is hereby my Ubuntu App of the Day, and has been for the past few days too. It’s a command-line updater for Twitter (here’s me) which makes it dead, dead easy to keep sending updates to Twitter if, like me, you spend 90% of your time in a text terminal.

Rather than follow the instructions at blt’s homepage, I just downloaded it, set my username/password and started posting. Didn’t change a thing in my .bashrc, no siree.

For those that don’t know, Twitter is something of a microblog which accepts posts of 160 characters or less; it’s designed to be as simple as possible (with a wonderfully open API) so folks can do funky stuff from a minimalist base. It’s great for posting up todo lists, notes to yourself, info about what you’re doing when; think of it as global SMS for the internet, and you’re there. It integrates well with Facebook as well, so it’s easy to use blt, via Twitter, to keep your Facebook status up-to-date too.

blt is just one more way to simplify the process; from any command prompt I can post a quick note and it’s there, for all to see without the tedious need to open a webpage, login, click on the “New Post” link and do all the other stuff that “traditional” blogging required. I type blt Blogging about blt and it’s there, for all to see. (See!)

Simple = clever. Everytime.

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