WelcomeTo2008: Shhh. I'm playing Sim City.

It’s customary this time of year to look back at 2007 and make a few predictions about 2008.

But y’know what…… I’m not going to do that, simply because I’m having too much fun playing Sim City 3000 Unlimited under Linux (yay!) and fiddling with the OLPC sugar-emulator. I got the network jabber chat thingy working last night, and this wonderful sight greets me when I start the emulator up now.


That’s me in the middle, surrounded by folks all around the world curled up with their little green laptops (or emulating said piece of kit), having a blast. It’s great to see those icons winking in and out of existence like the vast exciting community it is. Having chatted to some of them too (hi, Andrew!), I can say that without a doubt, the OLPC will be the technology innovation of 2008.

Blast. I’ve just gone and made a prediction :)

Ah well.

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