NowWithFullRssFeeds: If you can still read this summary, please grab the new rss link!

One thing I’ve been meaning to do for a looooooong time (is it possible to write the word looooooong in a blogpost without using loads of oooos? I think not) is to change my blog to send out full length posts in the rss feeds. I like it in blogs that I read, so it’s only fair to extend the courtesy.

Y’see, my one prediction for 2008 is that rss will take over from www, especially in the word of blogs. Folks will find blogs that they like the content and rss ‘em. From then on, the content reading will be done almost entirely in Google Reader, etc. Folks will only visit your blog if they really, really want to comment. The rss smackdown will cut into news sites too; I already read 95% of the news I want to know about from the BBC rss feed, and rarely visit the site itself.

So, I’m preparing for the wave. If you already follow the rss for this site (hi!), please click through and grab the rss url again. It you’re a new rss reader, you’ll find the link to the rss in your address bar or behind the big orange button on the sidebar.

There. Isn’t that better?

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