Here’s a question for ya.

What do you get if you cross superheroes from the pages of Marvel, Queen Elizabeth I, the Knights Templar and adventures in the New World, dashing battles with canons and rapiers and a style straight from the Three Musketeers, Shakespeare, the Gunpowder Plot and the Name of the Rose, all mixed up in one great big pot o’goodness?

I’ll give you a clue. The answer is the title of this blogpost. That was easy, wasn’t it?


1602 is a graphic novel from the mind of the mighty, awesome godling that is Neil Gaiman. It was serialised in 8 parts back in 2003, to be followed by a number of sequels all set in the same alternate age.

It tells the story of what happens what folks meddle with time travel using brute force (never a good thing) and along the way introduces us to characters such as Sir Nicholas Fury, intelligencer to Queen Elizabeth I, Doctor Stephen Strange, the Queen’s physician and Matthew Murdoch, blind Irish bard with No Fear – and much, much more.

The Four from the Fantastick transplant the Fantastic Four directly into the ancient age, having gained their powers during a cosmic storm in the Sargaso Sea. Carlos Javier runs a College for the Sons of Gentlefolk which acts as a safe haven for witchbreed, and a goodly stock of X-Men are represented along the way.

Heck, there’s even a running in-joke about Peter Parquagh repeatedly almost being bitten by a spider. Cool, or what?

Folks, this is pure role-playing gaming gold for source material.

I mean, superheroes and medieval fantasy? Oh, and there’s dinosaurs in the New World too. That ticks all the geek boxes, and then some.

It’s a perfect excuse to crack open Mutants & Masterminds and tell your gamers it’s time to toss the cellphones, computers and SUVs. Superpowers are soooooooo much cooler in doublet and hose, I kid you not. Beats spandex every time.

This, I tell you, is what it’s all about…………

“Lord Iron”, 1602 style!

Rave mode: off.

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