ABadYearForTheHulk: Hulk smash!


Poor Hulk. First he gets tricked and blasted into space where he crashlands on an evil planet. He’s enslaved and forced to fight in the arena where (to cut a long story short) he wins, becomes King and finds true love only to have his entire city, Queen and unborn child killed when his spaceship explodes. He is, rather understandably, a might miffed.

One quick trip back to Earth and he’s tearing up the place like never before, especially if your name happens to be Black Bolt, Iron Man, Doc Strange or Mr Fantastic. They’re the arrogant SOBs who thought “getting rid of Hulk” was a pretty good idea, and started a Civil War in Marvel-land along the way.

The net result is Hulk gloriously smashing his way through 80% of classic Marvel superheroes, and deservedly so. He does to Iron Man in particular what he’s needed for looooong time. It’s been great to read World War Hulk and the spin-off titles and see Marvel not treating their creations with kid gloves. Wonderful stuff.

The final battle between Hulk and Sentry (a generally disliked deus ex machina creation) was utterly brilliant; a fitting climax to the whole series.

Then Hulk gets treated as a chew toy and spat out by a giant three-headed dog in Marvel Adventures: Avengers.

“Now Hulk is Wet”, indeed.

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