OhThatsBetter: BBC TV programmes, for everyone

Once upon a time the BBC went, let’s say, slightly insane. In a fit of pure lunacy they announced that everything would be Open. Content from their vast archives could be streamed by anyone, anywhere, all for free because… well, because they’re the Beeb, not some faceless greedy corporation.

It was, of course, all a dream. Y’see, when they did release their fabo streaming content archive thingy, it was…..um…. Windows only, UK only. Now, UK only I can understand as there’s a lot of programmes in their archives which are sold and distributed all over the world. As there’s value in those episodes of Tenko and the like, it wouldn’t make sense to lose that revenue stream and let other TV companies just leech whatever programmes they want to broadcast. Makes sense to me.

So anyhow, the BBC is a Linux lovin’ organization that’s just plagued by a few too many decision-makers in Microsoft’s pockets. Hence the reason for putting the restrictive, DRM-shackled and OS-limited iPlayer as the front-end to what is supposed to be an open archive.

Thankfully they’ve fixed that philosophical oversight and now the iPlayer BBC site uses a flash-based (and excellent) player. At the moment, the site is Beta (like the rest of the net), and it’s possible to watch “the best bits” of the last 7 days TV (ish) online, all for free.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch Top Gear. Again.

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