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OK, its been a while since I visited last, and I just gotta let it all out.
What am I talking about???
Christmas, don’t get me wrong I love it, but….
It’s official, I’m sick of Christmas songs!

  1. The song “Driving home for Christmas must have been played in our car now 40+ times, the guy singing it must have driving home now for the last 5 weeks so far, wheres he coming from Australia?
  1. At work they insist on playing Christmas songs so loud its as though they’re trying to make us remember what time of the year it is, and since the shops and retailers have been reminding us of this fact since September, I really don’t think it is necessary
  1. The fact that each and every year, they bring out a different Christmas CD, with the same songs but just in a different order and different packaging, with, I hasten to add, a very original name (Sarcasm creeps in!) such as “Ultimate Christmas Party” or “Hits of Christmas”. Although, by rights, I have never known “Silent Night” EVER, been known as a ‘hit’
  1. Why are some songs, such as “Power of Love” (not the Jennifer Rush one) or “It’ll be lonely this Christmas”, to name just two, why are they Christmassy songs?, they are depressing!
    What about if I did a song entitled “I came down your chimney and slashed your momma with a carving knife and stole your kids presents on Christmas day”, would this be a Christmassy song because I mentioned Christmas?

Where has all the traditional values gone?
I mean, when I was a kid….yadda yadda

Hows everyone been???
Good I hope and trust

The Creator 2007-12-12 01:20 UTC

I take it you don’t like Christmas songs….. :)

How else should be remember the birth of Cliff Richard all those years ago in a stable? Who can forget the three wise men bringing gifts of Gold Disks, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Mhyrrdonna? And what about His miracles – such as getting Number One with Mistletoe and Wine, and his acting career. That was a bloody miracle if there ever was one.

Me, I’d rather listen to a thousand Christmas tracks than anything by Lilly Alen, so I’m good.

GreyWulf 2007-12-12 23:01 UTC

Fair point!

The Creator 2007-12-13 22:27 UTC

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