WhereWasI: Oh yes, I remember.

Oh yes, I remember. I’ve had a blogging window open for a fair chunk of the day, just waiting to have words fed into it’s gaping maw. Have you notced, btw, that maws are always described as “gaping”? You never see a non-gaping maw. The two words just force themselves together just like “Bacon” and “Eggs”, or “George Bush” and “lying murdering scumbag”.

But anyway.

Two headlines hit me today. The first said “Scientists discover why pregnant women don’t tip over”, which just made me laugh. The other didn’t.

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer’s disease. If there ever needed proof that fate sometimes has a sick sense of humour, this rates right up there with John Diamond, broadcaster, dying of throat cancer. Just as a broadcaster’s voice is his most precious tool, as it is with writers and their minds. Especially when it’s a mind as brilliantly inventive as Mr Pratchett’s.

Thankfully, the diagnosis is that it’s in the early stages. Which means he could still be run over by a bus tomorrow just like the rest of us.

Which is nice.

Terry, wherever you are, I wish you all the best.

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