TheDungeonMastersCreed: We, the undersigned……

We, the undersigned……

  1. Demand a rules system that is consistent, clear and concise in all respects
  2. Want one book that contains character generation, the game rules and a wide and inspiring selection of opponents
  3. Expect regular supplements which take the game in fun, exciting and unexpected directions. Give us new monsters, new rules and new ideas, not formulaic repetition and rehashes of previous material
  4. Need published adventures created by the best minds in the industry that are fun to run and don’t require multiple rule books and monster manuals open at the table just to run a simple encounter. Give us all we need to run the encounter straight off the page
  5. Demand a system which works with (but doesn’t demand) miniatures, an internet connection or an electronic gaming aid. Let us choose how we play rather than be dictated by the financial interests of your company. Get this right and the profits will follow. Have faith in your customers, and they will have faith in you
  6. Want a combat system which can scale with the number of opponents, whether it’s a single foe or a thousand screaming goblins.
  7. Expect to be able to be able to create and customise monsters and NPCs simply, whether we be planning a scenario or sat at the table mid-game. We demand simplicity.
  8. Want stat blocks which take up a few lines of text, not a whole page
  9. Demand character generation that is as flexible and unrestricted as possible
  10. Expect the rules system to reflect the genre, not mould the genre into it’s image
  11. Want game designers who listen, not preach; improve, not re-invent; and inspire, not promote.
  12. Require a freely downloadable Test Drive Preview of the game with which we can run a sample adventure from start to end.

In return, we will…..

  1. Advocate, promote and play this game at every opportunity
  2. Make this game our game through customization of the classes, features and game world
  3. Introduce new players to the game, and thereby expand the hobby and profits of the company
  4. Buy the game, buy the supplements and buy the adventures, for they will be good, and worth our hard earned cash
  5. Have fun and be very, very happy indeed!!


Greywulf, ardent gamer.

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