ByTheWay: ….did I mention it's my birthday today? Nope. Thought not :)

….did I mention it’s my birthday today? Nope. Thought not :)

Yes folks, the ‘wulf is another year older and greyer. Unless you’re counting from yesterday, in which case I’m only a day older, I guess. Time is relative, as Douglas Adams once said. He was right about lunchtimes too.

Thanks to the joys of the Internet, I upgraded my lil’ Laptop to sparkly the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy release last night, and will likely be spending some time fiddling away under the hood for a while. Heck, I’m always under the hood, me. s’fun. Anyhow, the upgrade went well, but in order to get the most out of the graphics card in the laptop a quick game of download-compile-fix was called for. Now, all is shiny. That’s all a blogpost for another time though.

Cake, anyone?

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