Damn You Final Fantasy

So anyhow I’d planned to write a few blogposts tonight; one for Greywulf::Net all about security and a cool little experiment I ran, another about this:


…just like what every single D&D blogging gamer on the planet is. To save me the effort, just take a looksee here and here and here instead, ok? I think it’s looking good. Very good, in fact. I see more stuff I like (Revised Fort, Ref and Will, no CR or EL crap, no full attack, giving the monsters levels instead of Hit Dice, etc) than stuff I don’t (using squares instead of real-world measurements, etc). I’m drooling, already!

Then there was that self-congratulatory post I’d thought of about how I’ve completed Save Or Die Issue 3 (November), and Issue 4 (December), and am hard at work on Issue 5 (January 2008!), with rough ideas about what’s going into Issue 6 (February 2008). It’s getting soooooooo hard to resist posting the whole lot in one go! But then I’ll have nothing to post later…. mumble mumble… Maybe I should post ‘em every two weeks instead…. What do you think?

Here’s the Table of Contents for Issues 3, 4 and 5:

Issue 3

  A closer look at.....Rats
  Bookshelf Essentials
  A thousand gleaming spears
  Meet the Badgers
  Occam's Role-player
  Problem Monster Number Uno

Issue 4

  A Closer Look at....Traps
  101 Uses for a Dead Goblin
  What does a Fighter do when combat ends?
  Roombuilding 101
  Mutants & Masterminds: How to Make a Hero
  Sacred Cattle

Issue 5

  A Closer look at...... Elves
  You say Character Class, I say Career Class
  One Shot Wonders
  GURPS Review
  Rogues: A Primer
  NPCs to go

I’m most proud of the articles about Rats (from Issue 3), 101 Uses for a Dead Goblin and Roombuilding 101 (for Issue 4) and the Primer on Rogues from Issue 5.

Oh, and I’m going to write a blogpost about how to use txt2tags as a blogging engine. I’ve just got to figure out the details myself first :)

Finally, I created the cover image for Issue 5 yesterday. Here’s a sneak peak:


Instead of all this blogpost writing, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy III on my SNES emulator for the past few hours, and I’m hooked like it’s 1994 all over again. Damn you brilliant immersive gameplay and intricate plotline!

So, there you have it. No blogposts, but lots of unblogged things instead. Ah well, maybe another time, eh? :)

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