BulletPointsAGoGo: Short blogpost today!

Short blogpost today! I’m………….

  • Fixing Greywulf::Net at last! Ugly theme, but it’s working. Lots to do. Sheesh.
  • Finalizing Issue 4 of Save Or Die. That’s the December issue! Snarf a preview of November’s Issue 3 and more, here.
  • Lost in Poser. How the heck can I render a Dwarf?!
  • Hating Python more and more. It’s the language of Satan, I swear.
  • Listening to Prince’s Planet Earth album. It’s excellent – and I’m not normally a fan of the little purple dude.
  • Itching to watch the next episode of Heroes It’s tonight, y’all
  • Considering wiping the laptop completely when Ubuntu 7.10 comes out. Time for a spring clean, maybe.
  • Planning more photo tips. And more photos. Oh yes.

… and I’m hungry!

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