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Phew. No sooner is Save or Die Issue 1 (click link to take a looksee) out the door that I’m putting together Issue 2. This is going to go live sometime in October, and I’m all fired up. Oh yes.

As before, some of the articles will be culled from old posts (much older!) from this blog, but there’s also a healthy dose of new crunchiness too. Here’s a sneak peak at next months’ contents page:

  • A Closer Look at….. Gnolls
  • HARP: A Review
  • Heroes: A setting for Mutants & Masterminds
  • The Greatest of Spells
  • The Knight Commander. A Bard who is not a Bard.
  • The Multiclassed Paladin

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite, you’ve already eaten :)

Meantime, stay tuned tomorrow for a political comment (because I haven’t ruffled any feathers for quite a while), and a real, honest to goodness photography post. You better believe it!

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