SaveOrDie: I love me some new website.

I spent a little while over the weekend putting together a new website. I’m a sucker for creating new sites; some succeed wonderfully, while others just languish unused by me, or anyone else. It’s all good though, as I learn something new with each design. Each site brings it’s own set of challenges, which keeps the old grey cells pumping.

Anyhow. Hop over to and you’ll find Save or Die, an online magazine dedicated to all things role-playing. I’ll try to post up a fresh issue each month, each with 6 articles for your elucidation and delight. Something like that, anyhow :)

The emphasis is going to be unashamedly D&D biased, but there will also be articles covering other systems too, including Mutants & Masterminds, GURPS, TMNT and d20 Modern. Unlike a lot of role-playing sites out there, I’m going to inject a fair amount of crunch into the articles too, so if you’re the kind of gamer who likes to see theories put into practise with hard info to back it up, Save or Die is for you.

In order to meet my 6 articles per month goal, I’m going to cheat. Some of the articles will be culled from old posts from here in the Lair, provided they fit the remit. That keeps my workload down, while (hopefully) pushing some of my words of wisdom (yeh, right) to a new audience. There will always be new stuff to read there too. I’ll make sure of that.

Thanks go to Christa for scattering dice all over the place for me. Thank you sweetie! The rest of the layout is the gorgeous ManuScript with minor tweaks by yours truly. The whole thing is powered by Drupal, my second favourite site engine.

I’ve added in a few goodies along the way as well, like being able to download any article as a PDF, printer friendly pages, etc. Except more goodies to come too.

Meantime, I need to fix Greywulf::Net itself. That uses an old version of Drupal, and changes on the server a few months ago broke it, badly. That’s my challenge for this week.

Till next time!

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