Whats On Your Box

Running on my lil’ laptop right now I’ve got:

  • Opera with 29 different websites open, as well as the mail/rss reader. I love me some Opera usage!
  • Firefox checking how a site layout looks in this browser too
  • Three terminals (aterm) open to different locations
  • Emacs full of perl, lua, ruby and C code. Don’t ask.
  • Cream (the vim text editor, prettified) open as a scratchpad, calendar and for anything non-coding related
  • Evince (Ubuntu’s pdf reader) open with four large pdfs. I used to use the Adrobat Reader, but Evince just the job better, is a lot less memory hungry and remembers where I was in a file when it’s re-opened. Acrobat doesn’t.
  • GShowTV, the (brilliant) TV Guide app.
  • Apache, MySQL, a caching DNS server and a whole host of other processes doing their thang in the background.

And it’s all ticking along, just perfectly. Linux. I love it!

So, what’s on your box? :)

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