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I like what you did here.

Especially the Wizards and Sorcerer Distinction. I would go a bit farther and give the Wizard the Staff and an extra little something, like +2 to Spellcraft or even the possibility of using the staff to deliver one touch spell per 5 level per encounter with a melee attack. But then again you know where I stand on the D&D power curve.

2nd level start, Super Elite Arrays, 900 gp, Hit points rule: Way fine.

The Initiative thing makes me wince at an organic level that I can’t explain now but I can see how cool this could be.

The alignment thing, I buy totally! Great idea.

The Attack of Opportunity. We go with the Iron Heroes rule: If you move more than 1/4 your speed in the same foes threatened area you get an AOO. Everything else is covered by a rule similar to your own.

Good Stuff Greywulf!

ChattyDM 2007-09-20 20:54 UTC

Thanks for the feedback, CDM :)

Overall, these changes give starting characters quite a power boost at the start of the campaign, which means less chance of character death in the first adventure. That’s good, because dying in Chapter One is never fun!

When it comes to the Wizard’s Staff, we’ve played with it’s powers a lot over time. Each Staff is very much a personal thing to the Wizard, and I encourage them to develop it’s powers (ie, use the Craft Staff Feat) to give it additional abilities over time. S’all cool stuff.

I’ve added and removed stuff for both the Sorcerer and Wizard over time – and still do, at Campaign level – but we’ve found these House Rules to give a good baseline for all games. Heck, in one setting, all Sorcerers had horns (on their heads, not the kind which make a noise. That would be silly). Made for great racial/religious intolerance conflict – always a good thing, in any setting, IMHO.

Keep up the good work!

GreyWulf 2007-09-21 10:58 UTC

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