ComingSoonToAScreenNearYou: So much to post, so little sleep

Folks, here’s a list of upcoming blogposts ‘cos I’m just too darned tired to post anything today. Sorry and all that:

  • Famous Five, the review
  • Hitler, Man of the Year 1938
  • Canon 40D – best camera ever?
  • Ubuntu development howto
  • World War Hulk!

In the meantime, here’s two essential reads for all role-players out there. First up is D&D: Calibrating Your Expectations by John Alexander which does an excellent job of convincing me that anything beyond 5th level is Epic-level play. All D&D’ers must read this page!

Next up is ChattyDM?’s post about Tweaking Classes for Cooler Characters. That’s the kind of player-GM consideration we all aspire to, methinks. All good stuff.

Till next time!

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