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Unfortunately, for all of it’s technical brilliance, it’s inconvenient. Even though Firefox is a big monster, it’s easy to use, has that wonderful integration and on top of that Greasmonkey has made it possible for me to add some realy useful links in to Flickr – if I could do those things in Opera I might use it. As it is, Firefox does everything I want without causing me any problems. Also, because so many people use it, if you find something it doesn’t do, chances are somebody has written something to make it do it.

Whenever i have tried it in the past, the main thing that goes wrong immediately is if you tell it to open several tabs on start-up – they contain information from your last session rather than re-freshing with current information. Chances are there are some poeple who like that, but it seemed daft not to have the option to control that.

publicenergy 2007-09-06 16:00 UTC

The whole plugin architecture is Firefox’s biggest strength, I reckon. Opera Widgets pale in comparison; they’re underused and usually poorly applied.

The thing about firefox is it needs those plugins to start being usable – without them there’s poor rss support, and little control over how a site appears on screen.

When it comes to restoring a session, I fall into the camp of preferring Opera’s faster starup time and using the cache to display pages. A swift Ctrl-F5 and it’ll reload all the pages for me, when I want. Works for me, anyhow :)

GreyWulf 2007-09-06 16:33 UTC

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