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Long time no see…

I been offline for sometime, but now I’m back I got a heap of questions to ask, so here we go…

1) Did you know that there maybe problems over at I tried to log in but it returned an error saying “Firestats not installed”, which was weird.

2) Using php, how can I create a user interface to be able to format and adjust text they enter. You know, like a blog interface where you can click a button and the writing is bold or italic, or center justified etc (like in Word or something similar)

3) Ooops forgot question 3

4) Other than arachnophilia and notepad what other FREEWARE program would you recommend writing PHP, taking into consideration the feature the application may hold to better aid users in web design etc (Eg arachnophilia has beautify code)

5) Do you have a Sony PSP, and if so, I’m stuck on Prince of Persia: Revelations any ideas?


The Creator

The Creator 2007-09-02 22:24 UTC

I forgot to mention this little gem.

Knowing how strongly you feel about copyrights n stuff I found this beauty.

Most amusing, and yet most probably true

The Creator 2007-09-02 23:38 UTC

Hi, Roy!

1) Thanks for the head up. Looks like firestats is down/dead/expired. You do log in (just reload the home page after you get the error), but it definitely needs fixing. I’ll sort. EDIT: Now Fixed!

2) There are plenty of plugin wysiwyg interfaces that are easy to inject into your code. Take a look at

3) That’s ok, I’ve forgotten the answer

4) Use Linux. Use vim. Die happy :) Alternatively, is great. It’s shareware but fully functional, and one of the best, lightest window-based editors there is.

5) No PSP, sorry!

GreyWulf 2007-09-03 10:31 UTC

Bless you

The Creator 2007-09-03 21:05 UTC

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