The Darkman Chronicles

What happens when you give Batman an ounce of Superman’s powers? Or, to put it another way; what if Superman had Batman’s attitude and outlook on life?

Enter the Darkman.


Picture a streak of black blocking out the stars as he travels the night sky, where rough justice means a smear on the pavement, and shadows are things best avoided by evil men. And he don’t need no steenking utility belt either.

Perhaps Darkman is a legend, nothing more than a shadow of a conscience in the minds of the guilty. Then again, perhaps not…..


This is a fun one to render, thanks to Poser 6’s wonderful Cloth Room. This lets you take clothing and literally drape it over your figures. The process is a joy to watch as the cothing simulator transforms the default pose into your fully posed figure. Here’s a mini-movie of Darkman’s hooded cape covering his form as he drops. This is a 30 frame sequence slowed down to just 10 frames a second.

Darkman’s real name is unknown. He can fly, he’s super-strong and fights with ruthless efficiency; in many ways he’s similar to Mercury, the paragon from Metal Works. If it weren’t for his attitude, personality and sheer fearsomeness, that is. Powers maketh not the hero. It’s how you use ‘em!

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