A Dragon Warrior Of Your Very Own

A while ago (back in 2006-04-17 0857 RPG, to be precise) I raved about just how great the Dragon Warriors RPG was, and now you can find out for yourself! All 6 books can be downloaded from here, including the all-but-impossible to find 6th book. Oh yes.

Dragon Warriors is an RPG which does everything right, and it’s not often that can be said. The books were trade paperbacks and the game could be run (both as Player and GM) with just Book 1. That contained character generation for the non-magical classes (called Professions in DW), the Knight and Barbarian. It also contained rules for combat, gaining experience, monsters and more. There’s a starting adventure too, and these are what DW is all about. Dragon Warriors has the best RPG adventures ever written for any RPG, bar none. They run the gamut from ultra-simple barrow crawl to world-solving quests and don’t miss a single beat along the way.

Later books cover the Magical Professions (Sorceres and Mystics (kinda Psionic Druid Monks. No, really.) in Book 2, an interlinked series of adventure in Book 3, Assassins and high-level abilities in Book 4, Elemental Magic in Book 5 and a complete game world in Book 6. Every book contains at least one (and as many as seven!) complete adventures too, so there’s no shortage of fun. By my calculation there’s 18 complete adventures in total across the whole series, and they’d be easy to convert to D&D too.

Each book cost around $3 so the entire collection cost less than a single book from WoTC. Crazy, huh?

If you’re into Fighting Fantasy-style gamebooks, there’s a whole shedload of those for download too, including the brilliant Blood Sword series which are set in Dragon Warrior’s game world.

Go on. download Dragon Warrior now for free, and marvel at one of the best kept secrets in RPG-dom. It’s a great cure for 4th Edition hysteria!

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