Introducing Agent Gold

Ah, the leader. In any group, the leader has to be the coolest, most badass guy of the lot, and the leader of Metal Works (my superhero group for the Mutants and Materminds RPG) is no exception.

Agent Gold is 3 parts James Bond, 1 part Captain America, 1 part Batman and 2 parts Shaft. As if that wasnt cool enough, he wields a Katana and wears gold shades. This pushes him so far off the cool scale that penguins shiver in his presence.

Agent Gold (real name Lyman Drake, though that identity is officially deceased) is an ex-member of the British SAS, trained by MI5 and seconded to the United States NSA to assist in tracking Super-terrorists. That was several years ago. Since then he was captured by the super-villain Archvile and subjected to brainwashing and metahuman DNA enhancing drugs with the objective of turning the British agent into a killer. His first job involved wiping out a sect of ancient Samurai in China. In short, the brainwashing failed and Gold spent 18 months with the Samurai recovering and studying their ways.

This is the original concept render of Agent Gold. It ticked all the boxes (Super-Agent influenced by Samurai training and concepts of honour), but just didnt look cool. At all. One change of ethnicity, costume, body strength and pose, and hes good to go.

Agent Gold always carries his Katana by hand. The scabbard rests on his desk at Metal Works; hes sworn never to sheath it until he has defeated Archvile in combat with the blade. He has formed Metal Works with the prime goal of rattling enough cages among Super Villainy until Archvile shows himself.

Agent Gold is very highly trained (a Samurai James Bond?! Cool!) with super-human strength and reflexes. His Katana is superbly crafted he wields it with staggering accuracy. Oh, and hes got a jetbike. Because that’s cool too.

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