Copper Cobana

One of the heroes I’ve got planned for Metal Works, the super-hero team for Mutants & Masterminds, is Copper. My original concept render for her looked like this:

Copper Mark I

She’s all cool ‘n’ stuff, but looked too much like Mercury (who, btw, has had another re-design, but that’s for another day). I envisaged Copper as the spelllcaster of the team, so went back to my D&D roots for ideas.


Yep, Copper (real name Khapafalaveloprensis) is an Elf is the modern world, one of the very few remaining. They normally reside in the Wild Places, but Copper is an exception to that particular rule. She might look like a teenager (something she uses to advantage :) ), but remembers being carried by her mother fleeing from Napoleon’s army, and fell in love with a US Soldier in World War II. It was his death at the Front which prompted her to enter the world and do all she can to stop evil spreading again.


Copper is a capable Mage, and will always favour magic as a solution to life’s problems. She’s a good Blaster in a fight and uses her Force Field and Telekinesis to aid her team members. Out of combat her Morph spells, Teleport and Telepathy make her Agent Gold’s preferred Number Two for covert ops.

It amuses her that Mercury treats her like a kid sister (despite the fact she’s about 250 years her elder!), and will usually be found playing games with Lead. She respects Agent Gold’s leadership above all, and would never question his orders.

The team is shaping up nicely. Here’s the new look Mercury, Lead and Copper, together at last (and yes, Copper is floating 6 inches off the ground. She does that.) :

Metal Works Rollcall

Special treat – click on the pics for larger images for your Desktop!

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