ZooomrIsLive: And kicking. Oh yes.

Short and sweet today folks, but with big news!

Zooomr Mark III is live and kicking. What’s more, it looks great too – gone is that butt ugly huge red masthead. In fact, it’s now looking even more like flickr than ever. But in a good way.

The interface is a definite improvement, and there’s even more changes to come. I’m most excited by the tantalizing promise of there being a Storefront for each user where their own photos can be sold. Coming soon. Oh yes!

Other changes – the twitter-like zipline and streamed TV channel I’m less enthused about. Personally, I want my photo sites to be great photo sites and nothing more. But each to their own, I guess :)

As with any major rollout, expect the occassional bug discovery and chunk of missing functionality, but so far it looks pretty complete to me. Shame that !jUploadr hasn’t made the upgrade, but still….

My photos on Zooomr here.

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