IGottaNewWebsite: Anartopia. Live it. Be it.

Yes. Another one. I know.

I’ve experimented with creating extra blogs and sub-blogs over the years with variable success. It’s usually out of a desire to split out my ramblings into distinct chunks so that each part of me looks just a little more coherent that the shambling, random reality that is me.

Greywulf::Net is probably the most successful break-out to date. That caters to my geek side. It’s unashamedly pro-Linux and oriented towards programming and web design. While it’s not updated quite as frequently as I’d like (what website is?), I’m happy with everything that’s up there. There’s also a spin-off to Greywulf::Net called ::DEV which provides free zero-install WordPress blogs to all comers except spammers, gambling sites and other undesirables. If you’re looking for a new bloghome, ::DEV might be good for you too.

The Grey Scribe is another. That’s closed off as a finished project now and helped feed the writer in me. The short stories up there varied in quality, but as a whole, I’m pleased with how it turned out. Incidentally, those stories are now available in print as Circle Time & Other Stories.

Go on. Buy it. You know you want to.

Then there’s Microlite 20, a minimization of the D&D rules to the Nth degree which kinda took off. That site gets more hits than my own weblog, even now. Which is cool.

Other sites haven’t been quite so successful. I started a sub-wiki called Partisan (now long gone) where I vented political. That just looked too… nasty…. so I just let off steam here in the Lair when the urge hits. Then there’s Inner Sinner, my ill fated follow-up to The Grey Scribe. I will write more stories. One day. I swear. And let’s not forget Tales from the Twisted Underground which contained stories inspired by the anagram map of the London Underground.

All great ideas, but they all lost impetus somewhere along the line.

Hey, it happens.

So here I am, starting a new site knowing full well that the odds aren’t high that it’s going to survive. We’re relying on hotspots for our connectivity right now and laptop battery life limits even that down to just a handful of hours each day.

Despite this I’m hopeful and excited. But I need your help.

These Anartopian Times isn’t just some blog that I’ll end up feeling guilty about not updating.

In many ways it’s an experiment in community, like one of Jane’s games. But without the wedding dress and sneakers.

The idea is to create a site where anyone (and I mean anyone) can post links to stories or news items, fire up an opinion and be open to comments and feedback from their peers. You’re open to being flamed, admired or lauded and whatever catches your eye is fair game.

Think of it as Boing Boing for the masses. Or Slashdot without the computer talk. Or with. Your call.

It’s the website equivalent of saying “D’you see the game last night?” at the bar.

There’s only two rules:

  • Start your post with a link to the the thing that’s up for discussion. After that, you’re free to post whatever ad however you want
  • Be polite!

OK, maybe rule two is optional :)

Welcome to Anartopia.

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