Well she is, isn’t she?

I mean, unlike other make-over shows which actually lift a finger and uses paint, new stuff and elbow grease to transform a room/garden/house/garage or whatever, she just, y’know, picks stuff up off the floor.

Her idea of a “transformation” is a clean surface, stark white walls, a clear floor and flowers on the shelves. That’s not a make-over. That’s tidy. Give it a few weeks and her so-called miracle working is a mess again. Betchya. Because you can’t transform rooms if the folks are untidy in the first place.

Given her US origins, if Ann Maurice was, like, Mexican rather than an all-American blonde in a sharp suit, she’d be just one of millions doing what she does every day for sub-minimal wages.

The crazy thing is that people do pay her thousands to come in and clean their home so it can be sold. She does nothing they couldn’t do themselves with a little willingness to take a step back, roll up their sleeves and maybe (at the most) move some furniture around.

Which means that Ann Maurice is far, far from stupid. But she’s still just a glorified cleaner.

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