Strange, but true.

In the midst of all the self-centred corrupting and high-salary justifying pile of kack that is politicians, there are the odd few diamonds. Here in the UK they’re few indeed, but I’ve found a congresssman over the the US who I’ve vote for. If I lived there. And could vote.

Tim Ryan is that man. He’s got genuine wit and self-deprecating humour. He’s got a blog and a real talent for what makes a great blogpost. Of course, “being able to write a good blog” isn’t high on voter’s list of requirements when it comes to writing an X or clicking a mouse button.

Maybe it should be. I dunno.

The think that pushes him right up the “I’d vote for him” charts though is that he’s tried to live on $21 Food Stamps for a week. He, and a handful of other congressmen, took the Food Stamp Challenge to find out if what they expect millions of Americans to do daily is actually possible.

No prizes for guessing the conclusion, folks.

Where Tim stands out is how he writes about the experience. Especially day 5.

Go read it. It’s a doozy.

Me, I think it should be the law that all politicians must spend a goodly period of time (at least a week, preferably more) testing the laws they pass to see if they’re fair, just and humane. They should walk a mile in the shoes of their voters. Then maybe, just maybe, they’ll give us better shoes.

Have a great day!

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