One thing annoys me more than anything else about the whole CSI thing, and it’s the computers they use. As soon as they’re near a computer screen time shifts 500 years into the future and they’re using systems that wouldn’t look out of place on the bridge of the Enterprise. All semblance of credibility about the forensics stuff (hanging by a thread as it is), is gone when they use computers that operate at the speed of light, can “enhance” digital images to sub-pixel level and carry out a whole host of other tricks that only exist in the minds of the script-writers.

That’s not to say all this stuff is possible in some way, but I’ll bet it sure looks a lot less cool than the orange swirly 3D magic that CSI portrays. To me, it totally breaks the genre. They might as well give them Tricorders instead of forensics kits and have them teleport back to the office building. I can just imagine Hortaio being beamed up.

Modern day, it ain’t. Bah.

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