IsItMe: Advertising and politics

Is it me, or have TV adverts become more stupid in recent months? One in particular shows a man getting revenge on the passenger in his car. Y’see, the guy put his feet up on the dashboard of the car (his pride and joy), so to get his own back he dumps him in a ton of mud. Surely that means he’s going to end up with a very muddy passenger in his pride and joy?! Dumb thinking, ergo, people who buy that car are dumb. The advert doesn’t work. Bzzzzzzt. Next!

I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s any advert featuring Nina Simone’s “Ain’t got no….”. That’s currently used by Muller yoghurt, among countless others. That song is an anthem (and a great one) to anti-consumerism. It’s about having nothing, and still being happy. If there’s one song that’s anathema to the concept of advertising, this is it. Yet still, they use it. Sheesh.

I could go on………

In other news, it was the local elections here in the UK yesterday. In theory, that’s got nothing to do with the government and who’s in power, but the powderkeg reality is that Labour is expected to lose, bigtime. Y’see, Blair isn’t liked. He’s screwed not one country but three (here, Iraq, Afghanistan, in case you’re counting) and has the blood of thousands on his hands. Taxes are higher now than ever yet despite this the health and educations systems are creaking at the seams. They’re even trying to claim that halfing the number of times that refuse is collected is environmentally friendly, and got nothing to do with cost savings at all. Honest. Do people believe this crap?

All that we see is lots of public money going into politician’s ever increasing salaries, lining Blair’s retirement nest and funding a war based upon lies and oil. It stinks, and the election results are expected to reflect that, in spades.

The sad thing is that Labour was the big hope for the future. After the dark years of the Conservatives, we desperately wanted to believe that things were going to get better, that these politicians were better than the old corrupt lot. They could have been too; some of them have shown integrity over the years. All too often though, they’re the ones smeared by the press who think that a politician’s private life is somehow different to everyone else’s.

The problem is that if the head is rotten, the rest of the body doesn’t have much of a chance of survival. Blair’s failures are Labour’s failures. It’s as simple as that.

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