ReasonsToLoveOpera: IRC, built in. I love it!

I’m not talking about the kind of singing that breaks glass at forty paces. Though that’s cool too. Unless ir’s German Opera. That’s not cool.

But I digress.

I’m talking about Opera, the bestest web browser on the planet.

Not only is it the fastest, lowest memory, most fully featured browser on the planet, but it’s mail and IRC capability is every bit as good (if not better than) a stand-alone application.

Yep. IRC.

Prefix the IRC server url with irc:// and Opera will open a chatwindow, directly from the browser. For example, to reach the !ENWorld #dnd3e channel, just go to irc:// and you’re there. All without a single additional program, plugin or whatever.

One of the reasons why folks claim that Firefox is so great is it’s ability to use add-ons to expand it’s functionality. That’s good, but all of the things Firefox lacks Opera has as standard! There’s the built-in RSS reader, session saving, spell checking, IRC, email, source code editor and much, much more. Heck, I’m still discovering new features! All in a tiny package that can handle more open sites than any other browser I know. 20+ open tabs is the norm for me, and it doesn’t complain.

OK, that’s a small lie. I’m using the developer version of Opera right now and (as could be expected) it’s less stable than the release version so does occassionally fall over. But I love the new Speed Dial feature, so it’s a small price to pay.

Why not give Opera a whirl?

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