This is St Peter’s Church at Elmton in Derbyshire, UK. It was built in the 1700s and has no spire because the builder never returned to finish the job! They’re still waiting……..

I guess some things never change. Builders, eh? Tch.

We were lucky enough to turn up today while a very friendly couple were there and they were more than happy to let us into the church and wander around inside. Many thanks to both of you!

Click the piccie to see more shots in and around St Peter’s.

Elmton’s most famous son is Jedediah Buxton who is buried someplace in the graveyard around the church. He was an illiterate mathematical genius from the 1750s; inside the church is an original painting of him (sadly damaged) and a copy that’s in much better repair.

Folks, churches like this are terrific. They’re quiet, unassuming and can contain three centuries of history (or more!) within their walls without a demand for glory or even notice. And so many of us drive by without a thought.

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