It'sGotToBeNewItEndsWithR: Have you noticed how all the Cool Stuff ™ ends with the letter R?

Have you noticed how all the Cool Stuff ™ ends with the letter R?

I mean, there’s Flickr, Zoomr and Twitter. More on those, later.

I’m thinking about changing my online name to Greywulfr. Maybe it’ll catch on and I’ll be the next big thing. Heh.

Over on Greywulf::Net I talk about Why Yahoo! Sucks. Perhaps they should change their name to Yahoo!r. That’ll solve all their problems.

In other news, Zoomr is down for 48 hours while they upgrade to the new Mark III release. I’m excited, especially if they deliver all they promise:

  • Over 250 NEW features, improvements and refinements
  • Sell your photos as stock – you keep 90% of the sale!
  • Unlimited storage and archival for all users – no limits on photo size, either!
  • For developers: An Open API so that you can access all of the richness of Zooomr in your own apps.

Wow. That’s all I can say on the matter. Wow.

Twitter is a new service I’ve been fiddling with. It’s a communal microblog thing where short (<140 character) posts are the order of the day. It’s designed to be extremely quick and easy to post, so you record day-to-day life as it happens, as opposed to long carefully crafted blogposts (as this one isn’t, clearly). As it’s communal, all your posts, those or your friends and complete strangers can be munged into one huge snapshot of a planetary moment. It’s kinda cool, though it would benefit from tags, if nothing else.

It’s (only?) other shortcoming is the dependence on flash for it’s ability to push your Twiggerblog into the sidebar of an existing blog. Flash is nasty, my preciousssssssss.

As it stands, I’m sure there’s a more flexible solution. I’d still suggest that RSS-only blogs are the way forward. Twitter is kinda there.

We’ve been out taking photos around Elmton today, but I’ll save that for another blogpost. That’s enough for now.

UPDATE: Comments seems to be broken when viewed from the HomePage because I put a ’ in the title. Oops! If you want to post a comment, click on the title first, then the comments link at the bottom of the page. I’ll remember next time.

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