AllStarTVHeroes: Who would they be?

The server has bene bouncing up and down over the last few days. Thanks, admins! Hopefully it’s fixed now, but I’m not holding my breath.

Meantime, I’ve a question.

Over in the wonderful world of superhero comics, there’s the idea of an All-Star Heroes group; these are teams like the Justice League and Justice Society that are made up of the greatest heroes of the age, drawn together to face the mightiest threats.

So, who would be the TV All-Star hero group? And what would they fight?

Think of it as the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of the TV age.

I’d vote for the following:

Jack Bauer
Dr House
– Gibbs, from NCIS

Who else? The ground-rules are: modern TV only, no sci-fi (do Doctor Who is out, sorry), and I’m looking for fantastic team dynamics. I can just imaging House and Jack Bauer together….. heh.

Over to you!

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