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Sherwood Forestry

It’s not often I dump a load of photos on to Flickr all in one go these days. Partially that’s because I’ve no longer a Pro account so only my latest 200 shots are visible at a time. Boo.

Mainly though it’s down to the way that Flickr works. Only the latest shot you post gets any coverage at all, and the rest of the pics only get seen if folks either make the effort to look through your stream, find them using the tags (which very rarely happens) or you spend an age sending the shots to loads of dubiously named groups. Either way, it’s a lot of effort for not a lot of return.

I’ve found that photos get more coverage in Flickr if you post just one a day, giving each pic a share of the limelight before being replaced with the next. That works well, I find.

Over on Zoomr things are different. Maybe it’s the way things are presented, or the mentality in Zoomrland, but photos tend to get looked at no matter how many shots are posted up en masse. That’s great, and one of the things I prefer in Zoomr over Flickr.

Depiste this, I’ve dumped over 50 shots into Flickr over the last few days. The first batch was of the Lunar Eclipse. It didn’t make sense to upload them one shot at a time at all. Oh no. There’s a continuity there which had to be shown all in one go, or not at all. So up they went.

The second set from Sherwood Forest is a batch of 38 shots I took while we were out walking around the area known as Sherwood Pines. I’d taken 42 pics altogether, and deleted just four due to mis-exposure, duplication and whatnot. None of the remaining 38 shots were eye poppingly great, but told a pretty decent story of the walk as a whole. So, up they went.

Here’s the final set.

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