Wibblefish: It's a word, but not as you know it.

Lifestuff is a pain in the ass right now, so instead I’m just going to give you a made-up word. Wibblefish. Go on, say it out loud, it’s got a lovely sound.

Wibblefish wibblefish wibblefish.

That’s my made-up word of the day. Tell me yours.

In other news:

a guy sent a fake ad to a Swiss newspaper, told them to bill Gucci for it, which they did, and now they can’t find him. Top hoax!

Delphi for PHP is coming. Yum!

13 Things to do immediately after installing Ubuntu has good advice.

– Jade Goody goes to India. Tell me; why is this news? Get this non-celebrity off the TV. Now!

– I’m in the middle of getting my laptop to make HDR images in Linux again. I’m in the mood for some eye-bleed like in this shot. And this. And this.

That’s it now now. I’m done.


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