Hey, I got an email from Tony Blair. Yep, the PM himself has spammed me. I think it’s got something to do with some funds he wants transferring from a Nigerian bank account. Hang on, I’ll read it…..

Oh, ok. It’s about National ID cards. I voted against them at the government’s site, so Tony’s sent me a lovely message telling me why they’re good things. Here’s the complete email: ResponseFromThePrimeMinister

This is all good stuff, and the thing is that I do agree with pretty much all of it. We carry ID cards around with us all the time; driving licenses, store cards, bank cards, passports, etc. I want one ID card to replace all of the non-financial stuff. I want a single ID card that allows access to my medical records, qualifications, the works. I want it to be thumbprint activated so my ID card can’t be used by anyone else but me. I want all this, and I want it for the same price as the passport it’ll replace.

Yet I said no to ID cards in the vote. That’s because I don’t want ID cards brought in as a knee-jerk reaction under the guise of “stopping terrorism”, because they won’t. I don’t want a misguided ID card policy that’s just going to make criminals of the people too old, disorganised or unwilling to carry them at all times. I don’t want ID cards brought in by any UK government that’s got it’s hands so far up George Bush’s ass they can feel his appendix.

Give me ID cards when you can deliver that Tony, and I’ll be happy. But until then, I’ve gotta say no.

Now, about that Nigerian money……..

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