InstallationDay: Yesterday I built and donated a desktop system to my boys.

Yesterday I built and donated a desktop system to my boys. It’s just your routine run-of-the-mill box with XP Pro and Ubuntu Linux set up to dual boot; that’s a setup I’ve put together many times before, and the routine is always the same:

  1. Install XP Pro. Reboot. Crash. Fix crash. Reboot. Reboot. Done.
  2. Boot into Ubuntu live CD. Hit install. Repartition. Software installs. Reboot. Done.

The first part gives me an Operating System, a text editor, a badly broken web browser and email client, and a few games. Whoop-de-doo. Oh, a a burning need to immediately get some anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-adware software installed.

The second part gives me an Operating System, a complete Office suite, a world-class graphics app, web browser and email client and a tonne of other stuff too, including a similar selection of games. But no 3D pinball. Boo hoo. No need for anti-anything software either; Linux don’t do that crap.

In a year’s time, I’m sure that the only difference to this routine is that Windows will be Vista flavoured (after the worst of the bugs have been ironed out by all you eager beavers) and the version of Linux will be even prettier than it is now. Or faster. Or smarter. Whatever.

So the boys now have a complete system for doing stuff, and they can boot into XP for those times when they want to play pinball too :)

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