NewThemesAtDev: At last!


::DEV is my contribution to the blogging community. It’s a free, multi-user blogging site where anyone (except spammers, who are shot on sight) can sign up and get an ad-free, zero-install WordPress blog. It’s ideal if you want to move away from Blogger, try out WordPress or just set up a separate blog away from your main one. Think of it as but with a smaller, more homely feel.

I’ve added new templates to the site. Lots of them. Finding great WordPress themes is easy but getting them to work in a multi-user way isn’t. Most just break but some work fine immediately or just need a little tweaking to fit. That’s done now, and the theme count for ::DEV stands at a respectable 52. There should be something in there for everyone.

So, if you want a new blog and take a look at the latest and greatest WordPress themes at the same time, ::DEV is the place to be. See you there!

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