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Inner sinner

Once upon a time there was a guy who wrote short stories and twisted tales. He posted them up for all to read at a place called The Grey Scribe, and he thought they were good. Well, some of them, at least. A few people even agreed, which was nice.

That time passed into legend, and while the stories are still very much there, it’s been a while since this guy (let’s call him “me”) wrote anything. Call it burnout. Call it a desire for a break. Call it between 9 and 5, Monday to Friday. Whatever. At the time, this “me” fella was contributing stories to The Grey Scribe at an average rate of one every three days. You can’t keep that up for long without the mojo running out of juice, and that’s what happened.

Anyhow, “me” is over the burnout, and back in a writing mood. Rather than starting again with The Grey Scribe, I’ve closed that chapter and started another. All of the stories that made it into The Grey Scribe are collated into a real honest-to-goodness book which you can buy here too. It would be cheating to add anything after publication.

Inner sinner is a new site with a new face. The stories are going to be short, easily readable and interlinked in some way. I’m going to look at the Seven Deadly Sins, and make up a few more along the way. Comments are not only welcome but downright encouraged.

Here’s a never to be refused offer:

If I like your comment, you’ll get a bitpart in a future story

Yep, you too could be the stiff in a murder, the wise-ass cop or the greedy bartender. You could be the hero, the villain or some forgotten bum by the sidewalk. It’s fame, but not as you know it.

The site is mid-fiddle. The layout is likely to change (do you like it? do you?), but the first story is there, and it’s staying. It’s called jeopardy. Be nice. I’m a little rusty at this writing thing, y’know.

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