ADoorWithoutWallsIsADoorWithoutPurpose: Added link to slideshow and details how it was created

A door without walls is a door without purpose

I went a short walk with my boys today, armed only with my phonecam.
The end result was 92 shots of the 30 minute journey. I’ve converted
most of the shots to monochrome, but some – like this one – I’ve kept
as colour, just because. I’m pleased with how they turned out :)

I’m going to try and make a movie of the walk out of the shots, and
I’ll post the link up here when it’s done.

UPDATE: Not quite a movie, but here’s a slideshow. Banana Album rocks! Overall, I’m impressed with the photo quality from the phonecam (a Samsung D500); ok, it’s not up to digital SLR standards, but it’s good enough to not need another cam while just out and about. The colour balance is good, and the sharpness is just fine. As you’ll do doubt see on some of the shots, there’s a heck of a lot of lens distortion, but even that’s no worse than I’ve seen on some digital compacts.

All of the shots have had the same treatment in Picasa – Auto Colour, Auto Contrast, Sharpen, Glow. The shots destined for monochrome were then Tinted with an off-cream shade. I find this gets a much better tone than Picasa’s B&W or Filtered B&W options.

After that I just exported the folder as a Web Page, selecting the Banana Album template (available for download from here). I tweaked the .xml file to auto-start the slideshow, then uploaded the whole thing to my site. Job done.

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