Comments on EbayFuelsMyHabit: I've already got Out of the Pit. It's a good Bestiary of all the critters from the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. My old White Dwarf mags were thrown . . .

That book brings back memories.
I still got my copy and its in mint condition.

Hey, GreyWulf, would you be interested in a book called “Out of the pit”?
A very good book for adding new/existing creatures to any role-play…

Its in mint condition too.
I’ve even found some old white dwarf mags the other month. Issues 23 upwards.
Mind you, may keep them, not as a “hang on until they’re worth thousands”, more personal I think, brings back my childhood!!!
Now these mags are classic, back in the day before Warhammer 40k etc, the days when Games Workshop did roles plays for Judge Dredd, how cool is that???

Ok, so maybe it aint everybodies cup o tea.

I sorta play online games now Diablo Lord of Destruction, although on saying that, any patches they did after 1.9 are crap and the lag is unbelievable…

Has anyone tried Guild Wars???

BTW, I managed to get that film “The Explorers” on DVD region 2. At first I thought it may be a rip, but it aint…How weird/cool is that…?

I know its my kind of era, but what cartoons did everyone grow up with???

My favourites were;
Thundercats (Of course)
The Real Ghostbusters
Dungeons and Dragons
Pole Position (Does nayone else remember this, my brother don’t)
Centurians (how cool were those suits???)
Count Duckula (oh yes!!!)

oooh theres too many, but theres a great w/site where you can take a trip down memory lane:

The Creator 2007-02-07 23:19 UTC

I’ve already got Out of the Pit. It’s a good Bestiary of all the critters from the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. My old White Dwarf mags were thrown out (not by me) a loooong time ago, and I miss ‘em. It was a grear rag before Games Workshop bought it in-house for Warhammer. Shame, that. I knew some of the contributors too.

I’ve never really got into online play, mainly because of the other players :D – they’re either uber experts who kill you in seconds then more on, or floundering newbies like myself who are just waiting to be wasted by said uber players. Just not my thing, really.

GreyWulf 2007-02-08 12:18 UTC

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