InWhichTheWulfBangsHisHeadAgainstAWall: List of things to be done, not done.

List of things to be done:

  • Write article about porting a template from oswd to WordPress for Greywulf::Net
  • Price up photo studio equipment
  • Add more text to the Microlite20 Macropedia Big Shiny pdf
  • Collect names of contributors for credits and front page for the Microlite20 Macropedia Big Shiny pdf
  • Check oil in car (I think it’s leaking)
  • A blogpost or two
  • Take more photos!

List of things actually done:

  • Gardening

Gaaaaaaaaahh! It’s not natural, I tell you.

At least I did manage to add more of my old photos to my zoomr account, which is good. I’ve enjoyed going over my old shots.

I still rate this as the most powerful image I’ve ever taken:

I crave freedom tooI crave freedom too Hosted on Zooomr

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