Metisse: Bloody brilliant!

I’ll say it again.


Expect to hear a lot about that word over the coming months. It’s a fast 3-dimensional window manager and X server for Linux and MacOS, and it’s bloody brilliant.

If you don’t understand most of what I’ve just said, don’t worry. Just concentrate on the words 3 and dimensional.

Instead of your old-fashioned 2-dimensional way of working on the screen, you can twist, rotate, shuffle and push away programs on-screen, rotating the windows to best fit, tossing windows into the screen and around just like….. just like….. well, just like nothing else I can think of right now. It’s hard to describe, and harder even to understand just how great and revolutionary this is until you’ve tried it.

Yep, other systems have experimented with doing this before; there’s compiz and Beryl on Linux, and Vista kinda does it too, but demands a high-level graphics card to work the magic. I’ve just been running Metisse on my lil low-spec laptop and it’s quite happily played a youtube video while I’ve been tossing firefox around like a ball of scrumpled paper. The interface is intuitive, fluid and – most importantly of all – the whole 3d thing works rather than just being so much eye candy.

There’s videos of Metisse in action, but until you’re actually holding the mouse yourself do you seen just how great this is.

Remember the word folks: Metisse.

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