LaptopRebirth: I'm back! :D

There. I’m back. Sorry, where was I? Oh yes……….

My laptop is now suitably decluttered and running “pure” Ubuntu 6.10 instead of the previous Ubuntu 6.10 + previous cruft left over from an earlier version of Ubuntu + 1,001 apps I never use. The difference is startling. No, really.

For a start, there’s 3Gb more space on the hard drive than before. Given that I’d allocated 7Gb for Linux and the rest for XP, that’s a heck of a lot. Ok, the XP partition is really just for Sims 2, but that still needs some kind of bootloader. After enduring XP for half a day yesterday, I’m even more convinced that “acting as a bootloader” is all XP is good for. How on earth do you guys manage?!!?

It’s faster too. I’ve no idea why. Maybe it’s because I also recompiled the Unichrome graphics drivers. They’re blisteringly fast now. Ouch.

I’ve added in a few apps beyond the Ubuntu 6.10 base, but not many. Here’s the important ones:

  • Opera. I did consider using Firefox and Evolution, but I like Opera’s way of keeping it all together, and handling rss feeds too without plugin or complaint. It’s small, fast and works perfectly. Firefox is klunky by comparison, and (most crucially) doesn’t use the Z and X keys to go forward and back through webpages. That was the final kicker for me. After hitting Z too many times and wondering why nothing was happening, I installed Opera.
  • Apache, PHP and MySql, I need my server fix, and miss having local installs of OddMuse, WordPress and Drupal. It had to be done
  • Adobe Acrobat. Nothing displays pdfs better than Acrobat itself. It’s a must-have
  • ontv. OnTV is a little applet which displays what’s on TV. Hence the name. Clever, eh? I prefer Maxemum TVGuide, but that’s a KDE app and I’ve no plans to install a whole nuch of KDE libraries just for one app. Not again. Nope. Never.
  • xmms and the codecs for mp3, DVD, wma, etc. I need my media! Thankfully, installing the codecs in Ubuntu is dead easy.

Apart from those (and one or two I’ve maybe forgotten, that’s it. Nice. I’ve got 4.5Gb free on the Linux partition where previously I had close on 1Gb. That’s will my home directory restored (another 1.2Gb of photos ‘n’ stuff) too, which is nice. The total install has taken up around 1.4Gb of space which is nothing these days. XP can chew through that in it’s sleep. Sheesh.

So there you have it. I’m back! :D

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