Jack Black Superstar

It’s a little known fact the Jack Black has starred in every single movie ever made.

In fact, archive foootage and digital remastering is even now revealing the pivotal roles the Jack has played in greatest movies of all time. Where previous releases of these films inaccurately attributed lesser stars in these roles, we can at last see the truth. Where history was made, Jack Black was there.

Who will now forget his superb piano playing as Sam in Casablanca?


Or his amazing performance as a tornado victim in The Wizard of Oz?


Jack Black has even been known to handle difficult roles, such as the torrid tale of a scorned lover in Gone with the Wind.


Even recent movies have scorned Jack’s rugged good looks, prefering to use CGI in a blatant attempt to hide this man’s contribution to the cinema.


The truth is out.

Jack Black, we salute you!

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