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I’ve spent a while over the past few days collating everything from the Microlite20 Macropedia into a .pdf chock full of role-playing goodness. For those that don’t know, Microlite20 is my take on the d20 system, stripped down to it’s barest bones. All that remains is simplified character generation and level advancement (no feats, only four skills, no XP tables), easy, fast combat (no Attacks of Opportunity, miniatures rules or criticals) and very simple monster stats. Those Core Rules take up only two pages, and can even be printed as a small back pocket rulebook on a single sheet of paper.

As there’s very little left, it’s very a very easy system to pick up and play so it’s ideal for beginner role-players and experienced gamers who want something that’s fast, fluid and easy to customize. With that in mind, many House Rules exist for Microlite20, and these have been collated into the Macropedia. This forms the bulk of the site, and consequently most of the pdf I’m working on too. We have rules for Mass Combat, adventures, guidelines on how to create your own Microlite20 campaign and much, much more. There’s even three campaign settings and details how to run Microlite20 in an oriental setting. My thanks go to the guys on the ENWorld forums for all their enthusiasm and contributions over the past few months. Long may it continue!

I’m about a third of the way into completing the collated pdf (codename: Big Shiny). Still a way to go!

Meantime, over on Greywulf::Net I’ve posted an Introduction to PHP. Hope it gives you something of an idea what it is, and how to use it. I’ll post more articles about PHP (and Perl, and Ruby) over the coming weeks. Hope y’all like them!

I’m such a geek. I know.

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