SuperMarioWars: Mario meets deathmatch. I like it.

This is the Game That Should Not Be. This is it. The big kahoona. This is the Mario game we’ve all been waiting for ladeeeez and gentlemen. Mario, the Deathmatch.

Picture Mario and friends flattening each other in a manic rite of destruction. Imagine being able to stomp that little red guy once and for all, watching his smug face hit the ground with a satisfying splat. Then doing it again, and again, and again.

Imagine multi-player fun from start to finish, with a shove-load deathmatch inspired violence thrown in for good measure, all on one keyboard or over the ‘net.

Sound like fun?

Imagine no more.

Super Mario Wars is, quite simply, the best Mario game, ever. And it’s not even a member of the official family. It is, if you like, a fan created foster child, an evil clone spawned to spread death and destruction to the innocent world of Nintendo.

There’s loads and loads of Deathmatch options from Classic to Capture the Flag to Race and Jail, and more maps that you could ever, ever play. There’s team play too. And bots. All wrapped in cute and cuddly Mario packaging. I kid you not.

It’s available for XP, Mac, XBox, Linux and even the PSP, with more formats likely.

I downloaded the Linux version. It’s a shade under 9Mb tarball. While I’m very wary of extracting tarballs from the toplevel / directory, this is how this has to be installed (boo). It’s with fingers crossed I installed it, and….. it worked perfectly on my Ubuntu laptop. Yay!

Gameplay is smooth and franctic even when playing against bots. I’ve not even touched the multitude of options yet quite simply because I’m having too much fun on the Classic map in default Deathmatch mode against three evil Mariobots baying for my blood. But this is one excellent, wonderful game that deserves a place on any gamer’s hard-drive, regardless of OS.

Did I mention that I liked it?

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